15 thoughts on “WEBBER surfboards

  1. Greg looking for a buoyant short board , i am 95kgs experienced surfer , looking to reduce the length – surfing on an old 6’11” at present – like the floaters rather than sinkers…….what board and how short can we go – like to fit in in my ute
    thanks Brian – Narrabeen

    1. Hey Brian, well if you can get me the dimensions of that 611 that’s be good, but I’d be looking at a gutter lover or a CD.

      Gutter lover is like a squashed shortboard and you could go to 63 21 2 ¾ or a CD which has a round nose and tail and you could go to 61 21 2 ¾. The CD would be slightly looser due to the lack of nose but otherwise both really good small wave boards. Or for a standard shoptboard board with extra width 66 20 ¾ 2 ¾.. depends on what you want it for. Greg ps maybe email me directly at gwwaves@gmail.com

  2. greg – let go for the CD which has a round nose and tail and you could go to 61 21 2 ¾.
    we are in Narrabeen – where are you guys ?

  3. I currently have a 5’9″ x 19 1/2″ x 2 5/16″ Sonic. I would love to buy another. I live in Seattle. What would be the best way order one? I believe the volume of this board is 27 L. Does that sound right?

  4. Hi guys
    I am currently collecting stickers and was wondering if I could please have some stickers of yours
    If so it would be muchly appreciated
    If so could you please send them to 20 seabrook avenue rosebud Victoria Australia 3939
    Thanks heaps Liam

  5. Hi Greg,

    The diamond seems like a sweet package for a guy like me. I’m about 5’11” 100kg and an armature surfer. Which size would best suit me? I live in Johor Bahru Malaysia. Can you ship to me here?

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