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The Diamond is a high volume wave catching vehicle with speed manoeuvrability and grip. Using low but softened rails with a deep double concave, the grip and bite allow you to use the flow and looseness without having to hold back. You can ride this design light and loose or get it on rail and push hard. Just look at the flow and freedom that Bruce Raymond is getting on his 6’9″.

Dimensions and price

66 21 ½ 2 ⅞ 43.6 L $950 trifin $990 five fin

69 21 ¾ 2 15/16 45.7 L $1000 trifin $1040 five fin

70 22 3” 49 L $1000 trifin $1040 five fin

73 22 ½ 3 ⅛ 56 L $1050 trifin $1090 five fin

To custom order email: gw@webbersurfboards.com

4 thoughts on “Diamond

  1. Love the look & concept of the Diamond. I’m a smaller bloke. 175cm & 75 kgs. Could the diamond be scaled down to say 6’6 -6’7 ? Do you have demo’s of this model?

  2. Hi Greg. This is what I have been looking for for a while a board you can glide and trim on but also rip on. I am a fit 100kgs and 6’1, 44 yrs old. Intermediate to advanced. What dims do you recommend and where can I place an order. Do you recommend the tri or quad?

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