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The Electra is about the most user friendly high performance surfboard I’ve ever made.

The front 3/4 of the board is all about getting speed off the mark with a moderate to low entry rocker, with a parallel planshape and deep single concave.

The combination also gives a top end speed that’s hard to match.

The back 1/4 of the board breaks away in terms of planshape and rocker with substantial tail flip which coincides with the stinger and forward placed fin positions.  This allows for a change of line at the end of rail turns that is the heart of the Electra.

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The front 3/4 gives the speed, drive and hold, where the tail give you the freedom to change the line with ease and great release, yet incredible grip and drive from the flexing quad fins.

Steve Ryan Photography
Adam Robbo – pushing the design to the limit.  Steve Ryan Photography

Order at: gw@webbersurfboards.com

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