Electra Diamond

The Electra Diamond is what it sounds like it is…..A blend of both designs.

The diamond is known as an easy paddler with relatively high performance considering its user-friendliness. The Electra is known for super high performance, inducing some the most exciting on-rail performances of recent times.

Because paddle power must be retained I’ve chosen to keep the front ¾ of the board as a pure Diamond with its fast and grippy double concave, with only the tail ¼ curving away like the Electra. This means you still get heaps of drive and flow from the front, but step back on the tail and you can crack it. The stinger reduces the area at the tail and so this gives a level of certainty and confidence to the more radical turns that would normally not be possible from a board that paddles so well.

Put in a set of Webber flexing quads and you’re on another planet!

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