Steve Ryan Photography
Steve Ryan Photography

The Electra is the culmination of my decades of shaping and designing which have been in part steered by free-form experimentation on one hand and refinement and honing for pro surfers on the other. Rarely has there been a board that is so high performance yet so ride-able. Here is a list of elements that are infused into the one craft:

  1. the entry rocker is on the low side for quick pick up, drive and flow.
  2. the tail rocker curls away to add greater response off the tail
  3. a stinger (eg at 17″ on a 5’8″)  is placed at the tail at 25% of the board length.
  4. the stinger narrows the tail and allows the fins to be placed about 2″ forward.
  5. the planshape between the feet is more parallel to enhance hold and drive.
  6. the concave is deeper than usual and placed between the feet to reduce the need for foot movement.
  7. the rails are lower than what most shapers use and adds even more speed and grip.
  8.  the flexing quad and tri fin set ups add grip, speed and response even further.

    Steve Ryan Photography
    Steve Ryan Photography
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