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The Pin is a design that’s aimed to give a feel on the wave which is quite the opposite to the sawn off nose and tail designs that have become popular in the last few years. Those designs are all about minimising swing weight and hyper response, whereas the pin is about maximising the rail line in the wave face, which then leads to drive and flow with the Manoeuvrability coming from the forward fin placement, and the responsive rocker and concave set up.

The Pin’s tail rocker breaks away and the fins are placed further forward which allows the surfer to stand a few inches forward than usual. This means that driving bottom turns and face carves can all be performed from the one foot placement.

The deep double concave adds a whole lot of grip while the vee bottom, into which the concaves are placed, adds flow to a planshape that’s already aimed at carving smooth lines. Quite obviously a great point board, especially those ones that barrel like Jeffries bay.

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