tWin fin

There are all sorts of twin fin designs, most of them focused on small wave surfing with a priority on planing speed and wave catching. In fact the twin fin designs of today are probably the most varied of any surfboard type, from the shortest flattest widest slabs to the longest stretched out spears. This creature twin sits somewhere in the middle of these two extremes.

If anything it is characterised more by its contours than the fact that it has two fins. The deep double concave on the bottom of the board gives far more grip than probably any other twin fin available in the market today. This is one quality that is usually lacking a tiny bit with Twin fins. They tend to lose grip and control when the waves get bigger. Slight concaves and channels will add a tiny bit of grip, but the only way to really make the entire rail line hold deeply into the face of the way is by putting a proper chunk of double concave in there.  It’s critical to run that concave from nose to tail. This gives the entire middle and front rails a key role in retaining control at speed as against just depending on edges and fins at the back.

To accentuate the grip I use a reasonably low rail so that the entire perimeter of the board has a noticeable effect on the wave face as against using a rounded soft rail which fails to increase hold almost at all. By coinciding a deep double concave deck with the deep double concave bottom the thickness of foam at your heels and toes is far less than any standard board of the same volume. This gives the surfer a feeling of being in the wave when applying full rail pressure. Put that altogether in a balanced package and you have probably the fastest grippiest twin fin on the planet.


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