Any Shape, Any Wave

The evolution of any piece of sporting equipment, and in fact any mechanical device at all, results from a combination of two opposing approaches. The gradual refinement of the form in a step by step, trial and error approach and the far riskier way, to break new ground by radical experimentation. If ever there has been a shaper that can combine both contrasting approaches it is Greg Webber.



  • Electra Review

    I was keen to try the 'Electra' design after watching Kelly Slater ride
    one during Lock-down and 2 years later I remain very impressed! I now
    have 2 and they are pretty much the easiest high performance surfboards
    I have.  Fast paddlers, fast down the line and easy to turn...can't
    fault them! Greg's one of surfing's great innovators and his flex quads
    on this model are the "icing on the cake"!
    -Brent, Godrevy Beach, Cornwall, UK

  • Catfish review

    Mate, you have destroyed my life. The catfish is so fucking insane that I can’t stop surfing. At some stage I’ll need to get some work done! Fastest and probably best board I’ve ever ridden. You could be rolling in the money with this model!!!! It’s an absolute winner. I’ve ridden it in every condition from 1ft to head high and it’s nuts. It can even handle sucky drops. It certainly isn’t just a bottom feeder. Yewwwwwww

    -Phil Byrne, Sandon Point

  • Diamond Review

    I’ve had the board out in all conditions now from 1 foot to 4, lefts and rights, here at Peregian South. No problems on late steep take offs, bottom turns really smooth and positive, cutbacks feel incredible and coming off the top, snaps, have never felt this good. Stalling in the pocket also seems easy. Obviously all the curves are in the right place because it all connects seamlessly on the wave.

    -Chris, Peregian beach